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"The role play was probably the best part of the training. The practice and instant feedback were great!"

"Craig really knew his stuff and was a great communicator and presenter"

"Craig is very energetic about sales and is an effective teacher of spreading the good word and optimism associated with selling our services."

"The role play was great. I learned the most by asking more probing questions to prospective clients and simply listening effectively."

"Very valuable with awesome takeaways. Lots of good stuff in 2 days!"

"The training material was very useful and comprehensive."


When you book Craig as a speaker or trainer for your next event, you can customize your session by choosing from several modules including but not limited to:

  • The "Fuzzy Widget" (services vs. products)
  • Sales concepts
  • Networking
  • One on one selling
  • Trade shows
  • Positioning
  • Proposals
  • Outreach and marketing
  • The mental game of selling
  • Sales for beginners
  • Overcoming sales aversion
  • Customized topics...

Contact us to discuss the needs of your organization or event.

Call: (504) 304-7167
Email: ccortello@fuzzy-widget.com
Send a letter to: P.O. Box 746
Metairie, LA  70004-0746


What They're Saying About Selling the Fuzzy Widget: Secrets of Selling Professional Services
by Craig Cortello

"Craig provides a roadmap to marketing your expertise and service. A must read for anyone wishing to enter the consulting/ professional service field."
--James D. Ray, CRC; Regional Director, Retirement Plan Advisors

"This book is a great tool for any salesperson looking to succeed in their industry."
--Julio Melara; Entrepreneur, Publisher, & Best Selling Author

"Buy this book and share it with your whole team - it will make a difference immediately.”
--Michael Guillot; V.P. of Development, North Carolina Symphony

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In school the smart kids always got ahead... in professional service industries, it's those who can sell!

Fuzzy Widget

"Once you develop the skills to drive revenue to your firm, you'll never have to worry about job security again!"

-- Craig Cortello


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