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About Craig Cortello

Craig Cortello is the President and founder of Fuzzy Widget Sales Solutions, a firm specializing in the art of selling professional services. Some highlights from Craig's career include:

Fuzzy WidgetServed as the National Sales Manager of Trinity Consultants, an environmental consulting firm with 25 offices nationwide and in China (The firm grew from $12.4 - $40 million in revenue during his tenure and from 11 to 25 offices). 

Fuzzy WidgetResponsible for developing internal sales training programs teaching consulting engineers principles of business development.

Fuzzy Widget18-year veteran of the process, manufacturing, engineering, and consulting industries, in design, sales and sales management positions.

Fuzzy WidgetHas had the great fortune in his sales career of meeting with an amazingly diverse customer base, ranging from Vice-Presidents of Fortune 500 firms to maintenance mechanics of small scrap yards, in locations ranging from downtown Manhattan to small rural towns.

Fuzzy WidgetBegan his sales career with an intense "baptism by fire," selling material handling equipment across the eastern 2/3 of the U.S., visiting scrap yards, steel mills, power plants, port facilities, and cement mills.

Craig has developed and presented corporate training programs integrating sound business principles linked to specific work challenges with music, role play, and team-building activities to produce entertaining, high-impact sessions acclaimed by participants and managers alike.

The greatest satisfaction of Craig's career came in his role as a sales trainer, sharing his ideas and experience with other employees as the company experienced unprecedented growth.

He would welcome the opportunity to share his experience with your organization.

Happy Selling!

Fuzzy Widget

Contact us to discuss the needs of your organization or event.

Call: (504) 304-7167
Email: ccortello@fuzzy-widget.com
Send a letter to: P.O. Box 746
Metairie, LA  70004-0746


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--James D. Ray, CRC; Regional Director, Retirement Plan Advisors

"This book is a great tool for any salesperson looking to succeed in their industry."
--Julio Melara; Entrepreneur, Publisher, & Best Selling Author

"Buy this book and share it with your whole team - it will make a difference immediately.”
--Michael Guillot; V.P. of Development, North Carolina Symphony

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In school the smart kids always got ahead... in professional service industries, it's those who can sell!

Fuzzy Widget

"Do your homework, but don't let limitations in terms of your knowledge base impede your ability to sell...

While you’re procrastinating by conducting further research on a topic, your competitor is having a business lunch with the prospect you’re chasing."

-- Craig Cortello


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