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Public Appearances

A list of dates for Craig Cortello's appearances will be coming soon. Please stay tuned!

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What They're Saying About Selling the Fuzzy Widget: Secrets of Selling Professional Services
by Craig Cortello

"Craig provides a roadmap to marketing your expertise and service. A must read for anyone wishing to enter the consulting/ professional service field."
--James D. Ray, CRC; Regional Director, Retirement Plan Advisors

"This book is a great tool for any salesperson looking to succeed in their industry."
--Julio Melara; Entrepreneur, Publisher, & Best Selling Author

"Buy this book and share it with your whole team - it will make a difference immediately.”
--Michael Guillot; V.P. of Development, North Carolina Symphony

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In school the smart kids always got ahead... in professional service industries, it's those who can sell!


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