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Craig Cortello

Sales Trainer & Consultant to the
Professional Service Industries

Author of “Selling the Fuzzy Widget:
Secrets of Selling Professional Services

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About the "Fuzzy Widget"

If you're in a professional service firm or a sole practitioner in the field of accounting, engineering, law, consulting, information technology, etc., you understand the unique nature of selling services. If you've read sales books and training materials, you've probably been frustrated by the discussion of:

Fuzzy WidgetOutdated sales techniques
Fuzzy WidgetGimmicky "closing" lines and methods
Fuzzy WidgetThe steps and proper chronology of a sales call

You understand that business development is a process of networking, visibility, developing relationships, having fruitful discussions regarding your clients' issues, and inspiring them to trust your judgment and guidance.

Anyone who has taken an economics course knows the generic term for a manufactured product, the widget. Yet by most estimates, our economy is 75-80% service based.

It's with those ideas in mind that I wrote this book that I wish was available when I began selling professional services and why I coined the phrase:

The "Fuzzy Widget"


Fuzzy Widget


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What They're Saying About Selling the Fuzzy Widget: Secrets of Selling Professional Services
by Craig Cortello

"Craig provides a roadmap to marketing your expertise and service. A must read for anyone wishing to enter the consulting/ professional service field."
--James D. Ray, CRC; Regional Director, Retirement Plan Advisors

"This book is a great tool for any salesperson looking to succeed in their industry."
--Julio Melara; Entrepreneur, Publisher, & Best Selling Author

"Buy this book and share it with your whole team - it will make a difference immediately.”
--Michael Guillot; V.P. of Development, North Carolina Symphony

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In school the smart kids always got ahead... in professional service industries, it's those who can sell!

Fuzzy Widget

"Ask yourself - if the only thing that a prospective customer could use to judge your firm was you...

your attitude, your demeanor, your enthusiasm...

What would they think?"

-- Craig Cortello









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